It's Getting Hot In Here...
Mat's Redhead Bint Page

This page is a gift from me to my friend Mat. Whilst out at the pub the other night, he told Nikki and myself that he fancied the pants off the woman who played Maid Marion in the 1980's classic 'Robin of Sherwood'. Well Mat, it wasn't easy, I searched the length and breadth of...Google...and these few morsels are all I could find.
Enjoy! And keep both hands above the computer desk at all times! : )

"I love you Mat, you're better than Michael Praed."

Look Mat, I'm really good at stuff too. Check my bow work!"

"Mat's sword is much bigger than yours you big poo."

"Please Mat, save me from this prancing muppet."

"Ewww! Hippy boy B.O! Put your arm down!!"


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