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Welcome and thank you for stopping by.
This website will make no sense whatsoever to you, but that doesn't mean you can't have a look around. In fact, we totally insist.
We are a boring group of people who used to work together in a bookshop.
It gets worse.
This website is in honour of the 12 hilarious months we spent working together in said bookshop, and the things we got up to. We still socialise on a regular basis and talk crap, hence the other current stuff on here. It's also a good way for us to keep in touch and post rude stuff on the internet.
Be warned: There is a fair amount of toilet humour within these pages, and the odd naughty word. So keep kids away!
We hate them anyway!

One cold NOVEMBER (ok?) morning, a group of gorgeous, sexy, successful young people (it sounds a bit like St. Elmos Fire doesn't it?) met each other for the first time, in a large empty building filled with empty shelves, empty heads and builder's cleavage.
They sat in a circle on the carpet looking at each other in disgust, wondering what they were doing there.
The appointed leader made the agenda clear...
"You will work your little butts off lugging boxes of books and pointlessly re-sectioning them over and over again till your arms ache and your heads explode!"
Well, words to that effect.
As it turns out, for the next year or so they also found the time to laugh, drink, draw rude pictures, and become the best of friends. (puke) 

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In Honour of Our Hero
This site is named in honour of the late, great Cliff Twemlow, an incredibly talented actor, writer and martial arts expert. We love you Cliff!!!!

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