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Hello all!

This week my page is dedicated to Yo Momma jokes.

Yo mama's so dumb, her favorite color is clear!

Yo mama is so fat, when she stepped on the scale it said to be continued.

Yo mama is like a Big Mac, full of fat and only worth a buck.

Yo mama so big, every time her beeper goes off, people think she's backing up.

Yo moma's so fat, she was baptised in sea world.

Yo mama so stupid, she sold her car for gas money.

Yo momma's so stupid, she stared at a orange juice carton for an hour because it said "concentrate."

Your mama cooks so bad, your family prays after they eat!

Yo' mama's breath stinks so bad, people look forward to her farts!

He's A Beautiful Man!!!
This week Benji Madden of Good Charlotte is a beautiful man...

That's My Dash!!!
This week my pet Yorkshire Terrier has been mostly looking like...
...Alan Yentob!


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