It's Getting Hot In Here...
Halo's Bar (again)

The 'n' people (soon to recieve cult status) are based ever so loosely on some people I know. Follow their (always) suicidal adventures by clicking the link below:

From now on, Halo's Bar will be coming to you LIVE from drinking establishments all around the world.
This month: Dwayne's Starlight Tit Lounge
Pennsylvania USA

"Shandy please love. Ta."

Bar Jukebox

Hmmm...Mrs. Beckham...does this sound familiar in any way?
Not only is it older and better, it's also far sexier than yours, you little cockerney piglet.

Bar Joke Corner

Martini Glass, Tumbling

A horse walks into a bar and the bartender asks, "Why the long face?"

"And when I get that feeling...I need
Hungover? Here's a great alternative and ancient cure for you. Put half a dried cow pat in a blender along with the eye of a dead man, two hairs from a cocker spaniel and half a gallon of ocean spume.
Blend and then rub it into your knees.
You're healed!
Warning: Side effects may include diarrohea, dizzyness, headache, upset stomach, vomiting and feeling hungover.
Taken from "A dark ayge wenche's gyde to healyng"


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